About Us

Experience and Expertise
Isha Wadhwa Law Professional Corporation was founded by Isha Wadhwa. She has a successful track record in representing clients and helping them to make informed decisions.

Our Mission

Confidence with due diligence makes a great lawyer. Our mission is to provide a high quality, creative, experienced and result – oriented legal team to our clients at a reasonable price.

Our Vision

Our client's needs are the center of our practice.

We are committed to:

  • Understanding our client’s unique needs
  • Achieving creative, practical, and effective solutions
  • Working hard for the success of our clients and the firm
  • Serving the legal system and the public
  • Providing fair and equitable representation to those in need of legal aid.

Our goal is to:

  1. To give honest advice and represent our clients effectively
  2. Communicate and listen to our clients patiently in order to understand their needs
  3. Develop a positive and productive lifelong relationship with our clients
  4. Help clients and their families overcome their differences by working hard to put their lives back on track
  5. Empower our clients and assist them in rebuilding their lives
  6. Be empathetic to our clients' needs and circumstances and work with them as efficiently as we can to reduce their costs

We believe that every individual deserves an equal and efficient representation in the Legal Justice System. Our lawyer makes it their sole purpose to provide clients with quality representation by striving to act in their best interest. Guided by confidence and effective analytical skills, our lawyer has successfully defended her clients in various cases in Ontario, Canada.

It takes more than legal proficiency to be a successful lawyer. We are accountable in our areas of expertise and genuine care for our clients and their beneficiaries. We hold our clients dear as they have made our existence in this profession possible.